A little less blurry

As you probably guessed from the title, life is a little less blurry for us now.
Oliver is doing longer stints at night (not sleeping through – I wish!) but I’m getting solid 3 hour blocks of sleep now, which makes things much easier to deal with throughout the day.
Thought I’d take the opportunity to post a couple of snaps from the last couple of weeks.
Looking forward to getting back into my work next month – I have missed photographing you all so much!

0kephotography-birth-maternity-baby-newborn-photographer-1090 0kephotography-birth-maternity-baby-newborn-photographer-1092 0kephotography-birth-maternity-baby-newborn-photographer-1096 0kephotography-birth-maternity-baby-newborn-photographer-1097 IMG_8440 IMG_8448bw IMG_8449

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