Boho Wedding: Kristal & Jarrod {Hawkesbury Wedding Photographer}

Barefoot bride.
Flower Crowns.
Flowy dresses.
Laughter – so much laughter.

When Kristal & Jarrod asked us to shoot their Wedding, and told me
their Wedding would have all of the above.. I was all in!
These guys may look familiar to you. Check out their Beloved session here.
As with their Beloved Session, I love these shots I snapped as a part of Dear Lola
– a collaboration between myself and the super talented Beth Fernley.

Another thing that may seem familiar to you is this venue.
Yet again, Camden Valley Inn, located only 50 minutes from Sydney CBD, stands and delivers.

Kristal and Jarrod had the most incredible Ceremony planned.
Barefoot, greenery everywhere, and an archway laden with flowers.
The weather did not agree however, and we headed indoors for their heartfelt Wedding.
Can you believe, only minutes after their Ceremony, the rain cleared JUST enough
for us to capture some images that place this Wedding in my Top 10 favourites of my career?

I am yet to meet a couple as relaxed as these two.
When the rainy weather set in, there was no fuss. Just a lazy “That sucks”, and a general
consensus that it didn’t matter where they were married – so long as they were married today.

I would like to thank K & J for their endlessly kind hearts & the opportunity to capture such an
important day for the both of them. Also wishing them a million congratulations on the since impending
arrival of their little boy! That little man will be one of the luckiest cats in town to have you two
teaching him the ways of life. Much love to you and your hilarious bridal party. xx

KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-100
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-102
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-104
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-108
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-109
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-112
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-111
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-113
  KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-116
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-119
  KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-118
  KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-120
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-115
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-122

KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-125
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-124
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-127
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-128
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-129
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-130
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-10000
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-131
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-132
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-134
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-135
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-136
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-137
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-138

KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-141
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-142
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-145
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-139
KE Photography_Camden_Boho_Chic_Relaxed_Wedding-146

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