Boys will be boys. { Hawkesbury Family Photographer }

If there is one thing I have learnt about my son..
it is that nothing brings him more joy than hanging
out with us getting grubby……. and eating.
Man, this kid can eat.
So when I decided to let him eat his Pumpkin Soup outside
and freelens some shots of him getting messy, he was
a willing participant!

{ Krystle Quinlan from KE Photography, Hawkesbury Family Photographer }

Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0100 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0101 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0102 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0103 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0104 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0105 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0106 Hawkesbury_Family_Photographer_0107

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