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Southern Highlands Wedding: Gem & Tim { Hawkesbury Wedding Photographer }

I have spent the better part of my Photography career waiting for the opportunity to shoot a beautiful natural Wedding in the Southern Highlands! Thank you to Gem & Tim for letting me live out THE DREAM! They have opted to keep their images offline to protect the intimacy of the day (so many incredible candid…
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Wedding: Angie & Craig

Where do I start? How about right at the beginning? The ever-talented Angie King from Angie King Photography shot our Wedding. We were so happy with her amazing photographs, and her kindness. She has been so generous with me from a business perspective as well, and I am eternally grateful for all that she has…
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‘Chemistry of Connection’ Workshop with Jesh De Rox

As a kid, I used to love watching storms. I’d watch the initial individual raindrops fall to the ground. I’d focus on one, ignore the rest, and watch it fall from high above the trees and follow it in slow motion as it plummeted towards the ground. I’d wait for the winds to pick up,…
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Destination Wedding Photographer: Tine & Andreas Germany Wedding

You get a call, asking you to do your dream job in Germany – on the other side of the world. You: A) Scream, jump for joy, start packing your gear now despite the Wedding being 10 months away. B) Immediately pour yourself into your accounts trying to plan an extravagant 4 week holiday surrounding…
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Germany: Celle

Never have you seen such an old-fashioned town. A town of medieval beauty, and gracefully cluttered laneways. Immerse yourself in the history, and get lost amongst the architecture and romance that is Celle.  

Germany: Bergen Part 1

Something amazing happened last year. I got asked to shoot a wedding – this is always awesome – but the kicker, is that the Wedding was in GERMANY! So fast forward 8 months, and here I am. Sitting in a beautiful cottage in Northern Germany (Bergen to be exact), cradling a celebratory beer, and better…
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Baby 12 month timeline

Each month, since he’s been born, I’ve been popping Ollie on our Rocking Chair for a photo for this 12 month timeline. It’s been a pain at times, but I’m so glad I’ve done it now. This is Ollie over the past 12 months. Isn’t it crazy how fast they grow?

Event: Sharlet’s Baptism

Sharlet is one of those babies with LOADS of personality. I met her (and her beautiful Mum) at our first trip to Mother’s Group. I instantly connected with her Mum, and marvelled at how a newborn baby could have so much personality. She is both feisty and loving – already deeply passionate & hilarious. I…
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Cyndall’s Northern Beaches Kitchen Tea

Cyndall and Ben are getting married! Remember their engagement photos here ? I’m unfortunately unavailable to shoot their Wedding but was so crazy excited to be able to shoot Cyndall’s Northern Beaches Kitchen Tea for her, as I already knew she was not only beautiful, but cruisy, classy & elegant. Just like her Kitchen tea….
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