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Truth be told, two years on.

Your little fingers tracing my ear when you don’t even know you’re doing it. They wander freely, outlining curves while you babble consonants to invent words you truly believe exist, repeating them as I marvel at you. The way you flap your arms and bounce excitedly when we see someone or something you love. Your…
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Lifestyle Newborn: Kate & Aaron

I have known Aaron for over 10 years, and when he introduced me to Kate.. Well, I immediately knew she was right for him. Easy-going, thinks he’s funny (when clearly he’s not – ha ha!!), and best of all? I loved her straight away 😉 When B (their first son) was born, and I took Newborn…
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Hawkesbury Newborn Photography: A, N & P

This was my second session with this stunning family, but my first time meeting the new little blue addition 😉 Isn’t he just gorgeous?! And.. I cannot believe how good Mama looks only weeks after having a baby! Should be illegal, am I right? 😉   

Last stop: Dubai.

I’m not going to lie. When Pete first suggested a stop-over in Dubai for our trip, I was pretty much terrified. I’d heard you couldn’t kiss in public, and that you shouldn’t wear singlets – even heard stories of people being asked to ‘cover up’ when dining in local restaurants. I’m a creature of comfort,…
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Zurich & Lucerne, Switzerland

I sit at a desk most days. Well, I work when I can (the challenges of being a work-from-home Mum). But when I am working, I work at a desk. Behind my monitor is a beige wall. To my left is a window. Outside the window is a timber fence. To my right is another…
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Munich, Germany

Who would plan to have a lovely family holiday in Munich with a 14-month old, around the time of Oktoberfest? Us!!!! Of course it wasn’t our intention to partake in the beer hall mayhem, or the beer-chugging sing-alongs. We visited Munich to reunite with our beautiful friends – and dare I say Family – the…
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Germany: Celle

Never have you seen such an old-fashioned town. A town of medieval beauty, and gracefully cluttered laneways. Immerse yourself in the history, and get lost amongst the architecture and romance that is Celle.  

Germany: Bergen Part 1

Something amazing happened last year. I got asked to shoot a wedding – this is always awesome – but the kicker, is that the Wedding was in GERMANY! So fast forward 8 months, and here I am. Sitting in a beautiful cottage in Northern Germany (Bergen to be exact), cradling a celebratory beer, and better…
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Newborn: Baby L

This baby was the most settled, peaceful, and co-operative newborn I’ve ever photographed. And obviously super cute 😉 His father has a rather high-profile occupation, so I won’t be sharing many from his session, but am so honoured to share this snippet with you!