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Newborn: Welcoming Liam {Hills District Family Photographer}

Capturing newborn babies like this; fresh, 48 hours old, natural hospital photography with a documentary approach. It is my favourite newborn style. Norwest Private Hospital for this one – always so bittersweet as I had both of my babies there, yet our family is complete so I will only have the honour of visiting friends’…
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Big News!

Fingers reflexively stretching into the air, stiff and uncontrolled. Nose wrinkling while breathless yawns escape tiny lips. Mouth suckling warm milk, snuffling, airways not yet opened completely. Burps bigger than bodies. Piles of outgrown onesies, rising in height, as legs grow longer and bellies grow wider with each feed and passing day. Sweaty face and…
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Maternity Photography, Hills District: The Machuts

Absolutely loving these images from a very special maternity session! This woman is my sister and only a few weeks after this gorgeous family shoot, she delivered another beautiful baby girl. Huge thanks to Mel & Damian and their family for having me capture these snaps for them – here’s a few of my favourites…
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Sydney Maternity Photography: The Mitchell-Ewins Family

Adoring these family photos I took for the Mitchell-Ewins Family this week!! I feel so lucky to be able to do this for a living. It was great fun hanging out with this gorgeous girl, and to share in the family’s excitement on the impending arrival of their little boy… just awesome. xx

Introducing our baby!

It’s 3AM on my due date. I’ve woken absolutely certain I am in labour. Regular cramping, mild enough to play games on my phone and not do much else, but strong enough to keep me awake. So I stay up and time them, while letting Pete sleep in case he needs his energy to support…
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Hills District Maternity Photography

Being 35.5 weeks pregnant, I decided it was time to recruit the Husband to take some maternity photos of our own little bump. I feel him move constantly, but I can only imagine he is doing some sort of vogue synchronized swimming in there as soon as I lay down to sleep at night. I…
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The Travellers #20 (A little announcement)

Concept Explanation and First Installment Second Installment Third Installment Fourth Installment Fifth Installment Sixth Installment Seventh Installment Eighth Installment Ninth Installment Tenth Installment Eleventh Installment Twelfth Installment Thirteenth Installment Fourteenth Installment Fifteenth Installment Sixteenth Installment Seventeenth Installment Eighteenth Installment Nineteenth Installment New Project : THE TRAVELLERS [020. A new traveller.] Stoked to finally announce to…
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Maternity: Jade

Stoked to be sharing this stunning Maternity session from the Hills District (Sydney) today. Jade just has the most amazing pregnant belly & I envy her for that gorgeous hair! All the best with the remainder of your Pregnancy – I’ll be thinking of you! x