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Personal: Family Holiday to Darwin {Hawkesbury Family Photographer}

I try so hard to put my camera down (aside from the obligatory shots of course) when I’m on a holiday with my family. I really do. But here’s the thing; A family holiday is the perfect opportunity for me to practice my favourite style – natural, candid, documentary photography. I’m not needing to rush off…
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Big News!

Fingers reflexively stretching into the air, stiff and uncontrolled. Nose wrinkling while breathless yawns escape tiny lips. Mouth suckling warm milk, snuffling, airways not yet opened completely. Burps bigger than bodies. Piles of outgrown onesies, rising in height, as legs grow longer and bellies grow wider with each feed and passing day. Sweaty face and…
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Workshop: Gabe McClintock

I have finally managed to free up some time and process some shots taken at Gabe McClintock’s Workshop in Sydney this past November. I can’t thank Gabe enough for sharing so much of his knowledge with us all, and look forward to employing all of what I have absorbed into all future sessions, but mostly…
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Boys will be boys. { Hawkesbury Family Photographer }

If there is one thing I have learnt about my son.. it is that nothing brings him more joy than hanging out with us getting grubby……. and eating. Man, this kid can eat. So when I decided to let him eat his Pumpkin Soup outside and freelens some shots of him getting messy, he was…
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Heavenly father.

Disclaimer: I have had this post draft sitting here for quite some time, and until now have not been ready to click Publish at risk of worrying my nearest and dearest or future clients. I have omitted any images, including a feature image for my homepage as I believe it would detract from what I am…
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Self: Leap on

A mask is accepted. Smiles dotted across a veil of sequins and fur. Clinging to innocence, yearning for games. Bathed in light. Leap on.

Self: Clearing.

I have started a new self portrait project, it may be confronting at times. It may be joyful too, and funny, or intense and surreal. I can only hope that it will be interesting enough to provoke thought. Self 1: Clearing. As most know, I am battling some demons right now. I am in a…
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Truth be told, two years on.

Your little fingers tracing my ear when you don’t even know you’re doing it. They wander freely, outlining curves while you babble consonants to invent words you truly believe exist, repeating them as I marvel at you. The way you flap your arms and bounce excitedly when we see someone or something you love. Your…
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We recently moved house. Recently as in two weeks ago. This was partly to do with the fact I was no longer feeling safe in our old property, but largely to do with the life we wish to provide for our family. We have left the condensed housing area, where we loved our neighbours, and…
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Dear ‘Anon’.

I received an Anonymous email a couple of days ago, in which a seemingly bad speller, has berated me for sharing my extremely personal post on PTSD & Anxiety. He or she has stated that they think it is “unprofessional” of me to share this information on a business website. They have also accused me of using…
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