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Cattai Mini-session { Hawkesbury Family Photographer }

Just sharing a few sneaky snaps of these gorgeous little men from their Cattai mini-session! The best part of Family Photography for me is seeing a child’s true personality, especially when you give them a few invitations to open up and get crazy. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think this handsome…
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Beloved: Kristal & Jarrod

I have known Kristal since way before I was a Photographer. Longer than I have known my husband, in fact! Kristal & I went to high school together, so when she contacted me to let me know she was looking for a Wedding Photographer, I was just absolutely stoked to hear from her again. It seems…
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Big News!

Fingers reflexively stretching into the air, stiff and uncontrolled. Nose wrinkling while breathless yawns escape tiny lips. Mouth suckling warm milk, snuffling, airways not yet opened completely. Burps bigger than bodies. Piles of outgrown onesies, rising in height, as legs grow longer and bellies grow wider with each feed and passing day. Sweaty face and…
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Beloved: Mike & Tori.

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” Introducing, Mike & Tori’s beloved session. So so so happy of these guys who were just wed in the UK! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness! x      


We recently moved house. Recently as in two weeks ago. This was partly to do with the fact I was no longer feeling safe in our old property, but largely to do with the life we wish to provide for our family. We have left the condensed housing area, where we loved our neighbours, and…
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Lifestyle Newborn: Kate & Aaron

I have known Aaron for over 10 years, and when he introduced me to Kate.. Well, I immediately knew she was right for him. Easy-going, thinks he’s funny (when clearly he’s not – ha ha!!), and best of all? I loved her straight away 😉 When B (their first son) was born, and I took Newborn…
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Dear ‘Anon’.

I received an Anonymous email a couple of days ago, in which a seemingly bad speller, has berated me for sharing my extremely personal post on PTSD & Anxiety. He or she has stated that they think it is “unprofessional” of me to share this information on a business website. They have also accused me of using…
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From an anxious heart, to another.

Late last year, I pulled into my driveway as I did daily after doing the afternoon groceries with my 18-month old, Oliver. I hopped out and walked around the car to his door and unbuckled him while waving to my neighbour driving past to pick up her kids from school. I popped Ollie on my hip,…
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Camden Engagement: April & John

You might recognise April as the bridesmaid from Tattika & Matt’s Wedding last December. When I met April, the first thing I noticed was how stunningly beautiful she was. Honestly, that is not ‘a line’. She is tall, confident, and smiles a lot. And what a smile.. Then I met John. He was cheeky, charming,…
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Venice, Italy

One piece of advice for you, if you’re considering or planning to travel to Venice. Get lost. No, seriously, get lost. Step out of the main alleys and purposely get yourself lost. Then I want you to look at every door you pass. Aren’t they amazing? Look at how the paint is chipping off that…
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