Family: Jen from ‘Love, Life & Happiness’ { Hills District Photographer }

On a beautiful Winter’s afternoon in Rouse Hill, I photographed Jen’s family.
Jen is one of those wonderful examples of a random meeting that turns into
a beautiful friendship.
I had seen Jen in a few Facebook groups I’m a part of, and I always found her
writing so heartfelt and raw, and instead of just ‘liking’ the post – I told her she
should start a blog because her way with words is so rare and should be treasured.

There it is – the start. We caught up for coffee, chatted about our love for
photography and I ogled the millions of photographs of her kids on her wall – never
expecting that one day my images would join those beautiful hangings.

I’m going to keep the chit chat to a minimum on this one.
All I will say, is this was one of the most emotional sessions I have ever shot.
I will save my words because hers are all you need.
Please please please head to her blog to read her story. It is very brave and beautiful.
Once you’ve finished with Part One, make sure you find Part Two.

Love, Life & Happiness

KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0045
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0046
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0047
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0048
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0049
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0050
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0051
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0052
  KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0054
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0055
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0056
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0057
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0058
KE_Photography_Rouse Hill_Hills_District_Photographer_Family_0059

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