Workshop: Gabe McClintock

I have finally managed to free up some time and process some shots taken at
Gabe McClintock’s Workshop in Sydney this past November.

I can’t thank Gabe enough for sharing so much of his knowledge with us all,
and look forward to employing all of what I have absorbed into all future sessions,
but mostly my Engagement Sessions & Weddings!

If you haven’t seen Gabe’s work already – firstly, where have you been?
And secondly, head over to his website: and, essentially, fall in love with his incredible work.
A particular favourite of mine is his coverage of “that” Iceland Wedding,
which you may have seen (rightfully) go viral.

As a Photographer, I often feel I am in a flooded and somewhat intimidating industry.
So many concepts, so many photographers, so many genres..
So to have a fantastic outlet to meet other like-minded photographers .
Some professionals, and some hobbyists, but everyone unique? It is rare, special and appreciated.
It is an essential annual exercise for me and I’m always wowed by the talent of my peers.

I have formed so many amazing friendships from only a few hours with these lovely souls, and I can’t
wait to catch up with them soon and share some of our adventures with you 🙂

For now, here are some shots I took of our wonderful couple at the workshop, using a new processing style.
I hope you like it!

KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0108 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0110   KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0109 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0112 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0113 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0114   KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0111 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0115 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0117   KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0116 KE_Photography_Hawkesbury_Photographer_0118

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