Hills District Maternity Photography

Being 35.5 weeks pregnant, I decided it was time to recruit the Husband to take some maternity photos of our own little bump.

I feel him move constantly, but I can only imagine he is doing some sort of vogue synchronized swimming in there as soon as I lay down to sleep at night. I feel the big movements – the elbows, the bum, the limbs – all stretching my already-taut stomach.

He gets the most gentle of hiccups at least once a day, and I feel them most right down near my hip. It’s a bizarre and wonderous feeling to have a tiny human baking in your belly. It’s a feeling I know I will miss when he is born in no longer than 5 weeks, despite the achey back & restless legs.

I cannot wait to meet him, but I am so in love with harbouring him too.
That feeling of electric connection with this beautiful life I have yet to meet, but know so clearly.

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I completely understand the beauty of pregnancy and would love to give you the same valuable maternity photographs I now have!

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