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I can honestly say that I have had a “gut” feeling since I first found out we were pregnant, that we were going to have a son. To have that confirmed makes me insanely happy – although I would be insanely happy either way as having a baby is such a privilege, gender is just a bonus.
I was told shortly before our Wedding that we would have a hard time conceiving. I was told I had polycystic ovaries, and it meant my body was not ovulating properly or regularly. I was lucky that time was always on my side. Our plan was to have kids young, so at 24, I didn’t freak out too much, but still wanted to get my body on the right path again. Both for conception, and for general wellbeing.

I immediately jumped on Google (the worst thing to do), and found all sorts of information. I found so much negativity, that I had to consciously choose to avoid clicking those links, and look for the helpful websites.
I found some supportive forums, where women were sharing tips on how to naturally overcome PCOS and encourage their ovaries to ovulate regularly again. I wrote down a whole list of things I could try, and started the very next day. We weren’t going to start trying until after our Honeymoon, so I had a couple of months to get a headstart.

I exercised regularly.
I drank at least 1.5L of water a day.
I cut out sugar. (I’d love to say this was easy but as someone who has a caramel latte every morning for breakfast, and at least a chocolate bar a day, this really kicked my ass)
I got early nights.
I started taking pregnancy vitamins, along with a vitamin called Vitex.

Within 3 months of doing all of the above, my body ovulated for the first time in months. It was all I needed to keep going. The no-sugar rule was really taking it’s freaking toll as it was now heading into cooler weather and I’d do anything for my warm sweet coffee at the start of the day!

Our Wedding came and went, we eased in to married life for a few weeks & I stopped taking the pill.
In August, we were pregnant, after a total of 3 (very relaxed) months of trying.

Only the smallest part of me believed we’d be successful that month. I felt a bit stuffy in the car after work one day. Felt a bit off. Before I convinced myself I had some sort of rare disease, I thought I’d rule out pregnancy, so took a test.

There it was, plain as day, two lines.

Why on earth did I test before Pete was home? I was now a sobbing mess, wandering around the house with a pee stick, repeating (to my only company, my little dog Abby) “Oh my god, Abby. Look. We’re pregnant.”
Abby met this with a curious head tilt, but nothing overwhelming like you’d expect in response to such a revelation.

Pete walked in, saw me bawling my eyes out and went to hug me (assuming something horrible had happened at work). He was stopped short by me shoving the pee stick in his face and sobbing “We’re having a baby.”
I can still so clearly recall the joy and pride written all over him. He was going to be a Daddy, and a great one at that.

I was lucky that I never had terrible morning sickness. But the nausea was strong, and stayed until 18 weeks.
The first trimester was rocky despite this, and I spent the entire first 12 weeks trawling the internet after several small bleeds. Again, Google is not your friend in these scenarios.

Nevertheless, time ticked on, ourĀ  little boy grew through it all & here we are. We kn0w he is a ‘he’. And it’s about time we made him a room he will call his own!

I’m not ashamed to show you our ‘Before’ photo. This room was an absolute junk room since the minute we moved in, but it housed generational keepsakes & heartfelt artwork (note the Mixed Media piece on the wall, which I painstakingly poured myself (and several smashed guitars) into for my HSC).

So with a new lick of paint, some gorgeous (and affordable! YAY!) white furniture, one side of the nursery is ready to go.



Under the watchful eye of the guard dog, of course;




Utilising a prop from a recent Maternity shoot – “Coming Soon” ;



$39 Target version of IKEA’s expedits. Obviously not anywhere near the same quality. But also not the same price! This will do us for a year or so, when we can gather up some more cash and upgrade to something a bit sturdier. For now we’ll just be bracketing this to the wall so when he learns to climb, it’s not a safety concern.



Reading is such a big part of who I am. I’ve had some of the greatest adventures while sitting in my lounge snuggled up with a book. I hope it’s something I can share with our son when he is old enough to want to sit still!




So now we just need his cot, changetable & dresser. Oh, and him of course.

Hope you’re all having beautiful Januaries! x

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