Newborn: Welcoming Liam {Hills District Family Photographer}

Capturing newborn babies like this; fresh, 48 hours old, natural hospital
photography with a documentary approach. It is my favourite newborn style.
Norwest Private Hospital for this one – always so bittersweet as I had both
of my babies there, yet our family is complete so I will only have the honour
of visiting friends’ families there now!

Once upon a time, I photographed what I thought everyone wanted.
(Terribly) posed babies in baskets and blankets, edited awfully,
and I regret every minute I spent on it. Honestly.
I have the BIGGEST respect for those who do this style well, because there is
a heck of a lot of practice, knowledge & experience required to really nail it.
I didn’t really have any of the above. I received newborn enquiries and I didn’t
have the courage to say to them (or myself) that I am hopeless at it, and I didn’t
like doing it.
I spent weeks after each shoot just beating myself up over lighting errors and
comparing myself to those who had become masters at the genre.
Then, around 3 years ago, I started saying No.
What a game changer!

I had my own children. I birthed them, I rocked them, I fed them,
and I realised the details I loved about babies, in turn realising
what my work had been missing all along. Passion.

The authenticity of milk dots upon their noses, and the raw exhaustion that
comes with early parenthood.
The little wispy hairs upon their heads, and the wrinkles. So many wrinkles.

The moment I started shooting what I love, I knew I would never go back to
posed newborns. And guess what? The clients kept coming.
They changed, and I didn’t win them all, but they kept on coming.

When one of my best friends had her baby boy, Liam, I visited and took a
few snaps. I feel like they totally encompass what stands out in a newborn
session to me. And it’s always a bonus having a big sibling along for the ride!

You will be hard-pressed to find a more generous, selfless family.
These guys pour their souls into the happiness of their family and friends.
I have wearily opened my door at 10AM in the morning after a rough
night with my own babies, and there is bulk freezer meals so I don’t
have to worry about dinner.
I receive bunches of flowers and chocolates when times are tough.
I get little yet significant texts when I’ve gone off the radar for a while.

Nothing makes me happier than to know they have been blessed with
not one – but two – perfect little men.
The example they set for their sons will serve them well, and I can’t
wait to watch them grow up into two adults as amazing as their parents.
(But not too fast!)



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