Palm Beach Same Sex Wedding: Kel + Chelle

Palm beach. Gorgeous same sex couple. Sunset Wedding with an intimate total of 8 guests (including myself as the photographer and my industry fave, Melissa Soncini, as celebrant!)
Just setting the tone for you all.

These faces will be familiar to those of you who have followed me for a while now.
Kel & Chelle are no strangers to the KE fam!

It’s been two years since this epic day where Kel & Chelle were FINALLY recognised as being legally married, despite having the wedding of the century years earlier – see here!

Not only did I have the pleasure of capturing two weddings for them, but I was honoured to capture their proposal too!

I’m the world’s laziest blogger, but was reminded by Mardi Gras celebrations to finally post this one!
I love these girls so much and feel super grateful to be witness to so many of their life events.

Enjoy! xx

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