Snaps in the city.

For my birthday this year, I just had two requests – a yummy breakfast, and a touristy day in the city.
So Pete surprised me with the best breakfast I’ve ever had at Bill’s ( Seriously, check it out – ) in Darlinghurst. I mean, I had a mocktail for breakfast… that’s freaking awesome.
Then we just strolled in the city and lapped it up. Ollie was such good fun, and really loved watching everyone go about their days.
Loved being tourists for a day, and it has definitely got us excited about Europe being only a matter of short months away! x

IMG_5922_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5924_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5925_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5928_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5930_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5931_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5934_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5936_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict   IMG_5950_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5955_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict IMG_5963_kephotography-sydney-family-photographer-city-hillsdistrict

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