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Zurich & Lucerne, Switzerland

I sit at a desk most days. Well, I work when I can (the challenges of being a work-from-home Mum). But when I am working, I work at a desk. Behind my monitor is a beige wall. To my left is a window. Outside the window is a timber fence. To my right is another…
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Munich, Germany

Who would plan to have a lovely family holiday in Munich with a 14-month old, around the time of Oktoberfest? Us!!!! Of course it wasn’t our intention to partake in the beer hall mayhem, or the beer-chugging sing-alongs. We visited Munich to reunite with our beautiful friends – and dare I say Family – the…
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Venice, Italy

One piece of advice for you, if you’re considering or planning to travel to Venice. Get lost. No, seriously, get lost. Step out of the main alleys and purposely get yourself lost. Then I want you to look at every door you pass. Aren’t they amazing? Look at how the paint is chipping off that…
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Italy: Rome

I will never believe I was here. I know that I will look back on this city, this country & this continent – and it will never feel real to me. Each time I sift through these images, even though I can see myself in them – immersed in sights and cultures – I will…
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Oui, Oui, Paris.

My Stepmum, who we were lucky to have the company of in Paris, summed the city up in one line; “Paris is beautiful – just LOOK UP!” From the cobblestone streets, to the footpaths, all you will see if you look down, is urine, spit, and the odd passed out soul. In the tourist hot spots,…
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Germany: Berlin.

A city of order. Everything has it’s place and it’s own schedule. Everyone has somewhere to be, with little room for error; late trains or pesky tourists with strollers and cameras. Yet hidden away amongst this hustle and bustle are luxurious palaces and manicured gardens, where it is clear that someone has spent hundreds of…
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Destination Wedding Photographer: Tine & Andreas Germany Wedding

You get a call, asking you to do your dream job in Germany – on the other side of the world. You: A) Scream, jump for joy, start packing your gear now despite the Wedding being 10 months away. B) Immediately pour yourself into your accounts trying to plan an extravagant 4 week holiday surrounding…
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Germany: Bergen Part II

I have experienced such a range of emotions over the past 3 days, I barely know where to start. Travel seems to ignite something in me so fierce, a yearning for knowledge, for experience, for change. Since we arrived, Oliver has tried his first icecream (and loved it obviously), we visited Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp (where…
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Germany: Celle

Never have you seen such an old-fashioned town. A town of medieval beauty, and gracefully cluttered laneways. Immerse yourself in the history, and get lost amongst the architecture and romance that is Celle.  

Germany: Bergen Part 1

Something amazing happened last year. I got asked to shoot a wedding – this is always awesome – but the kicker, is that the Wedding was in GERMANY! So fast forward 8 months, and here I am. Sitting in a beautiful cottage in Northern Germany (Bergen to be exact), cradling a celebratory beer, and better…
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