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Boys will be boys. { Hawkesbury Family Photographer }

If there is one thing I have learnt about my son.. it is that nothing brings him more joy than hanging out with us getting grubby……. and eating. Man, this kid can eat. So when I decided to let him eat his Pumpkin Soup outside and freelens some shots of him getting messy, he was…
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We recently moved house. Recently as in two weeks ago. This was partly to do with the fact I was no longer feeling safe in our old property, but largely to do with the life we wish to provide for our family. We have left the condensed housing area, where we loved our neighbours, and…
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Newborn: Baby L

This baby was the most settled, peaceful, and co-operative newborn I’ve ever photographed. And obviously super cute 😉 His father has a rather high-profile occupation, so I won’t be sharing many from his session, but am so honoured to share this snippet with you!

The Travellers #21

Concept Explanation and First Installment Second Installment Third Installment Fourth Installment Fifth Installment Sixth Installment Seventh Installment Eighth Installment Ninth Installment Tenth Installment Eleventh Installment Twelfth Installment Thirteenth Installment Fourteenth Installment Fifteenth Installment Sixteenth Installment Seventeenth Installment Eighteenth Installment Nineteenth InstallmentTwentieth Installment New Project : THE TRAVELLERS [021. Sitting, waiting, wishing.] We have decided time…
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It’s a ………….

Drum roll please…. BOY!!!! I can honestly say that I have had a “gut” feeling since I first found out we were pregnant, that we were going to have a son. To have that confirmed makes me insanely happy – although I would be insanely happy either way as having a baby is such a…
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