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Camden Engagement: April & John

You might recognise April as the bridesmaid from Tattika & Matt’s Wedding last December. When I met April, the first thing I noticed was how stunningly beautiful she was. Honestly, that is not ‘a line’. She is tall, confident, and smiles a lot. And what a smile.. Then I met John. He was cheeky, charming,…
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Last stop: Dubai.

I’m not going to lie. When Pete first suggested a stop-over in Dubai for our trip, I was pretty much terrified. I’d heard you couldn’t kiss in public, and that you shouldn’t wear singlets – even heard stories of people being asked to ‘cover up’ when dining in local restaurants. I’m a creature of comfort,…
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Munich, Germany

Who would plan to have a lovely family holiday in Munich with a 14-month old, around the time of Oktoberfest? Us!!!! Of course it wasn’t our intention to partake in the beer hall mayhem, or the beer-chugging sing-alongs. We visited Munich to reunite with our beautiful friends – and dare I say Family – the…
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Venice, Italy

One piece of advice for you, if you’re considering or planning to travel to Venice. Get lost. No, seriously, get lost. Step out of the main alleys and purposely get yourself lost. Then I want you to look at every door you pass. Aren’t they amazing? Look at how the paint is chipping off that…
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Oui, Oui, Paris.

My Stepmum, who we were lucky to have the company of in Paris, summed the city up in one line; “Paris is beautiful – just LOOK UP!” From the cobblestone streets, to the footpaths, all you will see if you look down, is urine, spit, and the odd passed out soul. In the tourist hot spots,…
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Newborn: Baby L

This baby was the most settled, peaceful, and co-operative newborn I’ve ever photographed. And obviously super cute 😉 His father has a rather high-profile occupation, so I won’t be sharing many from his session, but am so honoured to share this snippet with you!

Maternity: Jade

Stoked to be sharing this stunning Maternity session from the Hills District (Sydney) today. Jade just has the most amazing pregnant belly & I envy her for that gorgeous hair! All the best with the remainder of your Pregnancy – I’ll be thinking of you! x  

The Travellers #5

Concept Explanation and First Installment Second Installment Third Installment Fourth Installment New Project : THE TRAVELLERS [005. As mad as a Hatter.] “There is a place like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it you need to be as mad as a hatter… Which luckily…
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The Travellers #2

This is a part of a new self portrait project I have started. The concept and first installment can be seen here! New Project : THE TRAVELLERS [002. Talking like I’m falling downstairs.] Tongue-tied, talking to my feet When there’s nothing better than self-defeat. I stop – stall, try to stand tall When whatever I…
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