Thank you!

Another year down, and another year of great success, that I owe all to you guys!
Thank you so much for your ongoing support and love for my work throughout 2013. I am so grateful to have so many of you following what I do – and the outpouring of love on Facebook for our pregnancy announcement was overwhelming. I love my clients, who in turn, have become some of my most treasured friends. You will never understand how much I appreciate you being in my life.

Now, I hope you all got nice and rowdy over the holidays!
We took a short break to Hawk’s Nest with my in-laws, after a pretty busy photography season, and soaked up some sunshine. I got given the best present on Christmas Day – feeling my beautiful baby kick away inside my growing belly. Pete is yet to feel his/her soccer styling, due to my placenta being at the front of my uterus, but they are getting so strong that I have no doubt he’ll feel them by the end of this month.

We have been going away to Hawk’s Nest with Pete’s parents for a few years now. We hire a beachfront home, and spend mornings drinking coffee watching the dolphins play in the surf. We spend afternoons with cheese and biccies, watching the kids play in the sand. We spend the nights falling asleep listening to the waves crashing gently along the shore. It’s a wonderous place where you can find a little bit of something for everyone. Parks, lakes, beach, shops, craft, koalas & serenity.

I didn’t take many photos. Around 6 in fact. I will admit I am slightly burnt out from the craziness of 2011, and just wanted to chill out for a few days without worrying about crunch times for editing.

I did save these snaps for you guys though.

Pete at the local cafe in Tea Gardens, enthusiastic as always.


Our view from the kitchen. I can honestly say I would do the dishes a lot more if I had a view like this from the kitchen sink!!

And Le Bump at 19 weeks. We get a scan in another week which will both determine the gender (I predict boy!!) and a whole lot of intricate health checks for the little bubby. Excited is an understatement!


Hope you all had amazing holidays, and can’t wait to see what 2012 holds for all of us! Peace x

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