The day before.

So I’m titling this post ‘The day before’. But I can’t tell you ‘before what’. I’m sorry to be mysterious – it’s not my style – but there is a method to my madness.
On Sunday we went to the Hawkesbury and just chilled. This is nothing unusual for us. We love taking a couple of drinks down to the river and wasting a couple of hours with our dog, Abby, exploring our amazing earth while we chat about our weeks and our future. It’s something I know I will hold fond memories of forever.
On Monday however, something incredible happened. Something  I will tell you about in a little while.
But for now, here are some snaps from our afternoon rendezvous at Richmond.

hawkesbury-family-photographer_0000 hawkesbury-family-photographer_0001 hawkesbury-family-photographer_0002 hawkesbury-family-photographer_0003 hawkesbury-family-photographer_0004

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