Zurich & Lucerne, Switzerland

I sit at a desk most days. Well, I work when I can (the challenges of being a work-from-home Mum).
But when I am working, I work at a desk. Behind my monitor is a beige wall.
To my left is a window. Outside the window is a timber fence.
To my right is another wall. On that wall is a work calendar, and an art print.
I sit in a leather business chair, and I roll it along the mundane carpet in my office to get to and from
my desk. When I shoot, I am out and I love it. But when I work at home, this is my reality.

So imagine putting someone like me, who is used to the view I just described, in the middle
of picturesque Switzerland, where snow-capped mountains fill the horizon, and water appears to
haveĀ been drizzled atop the hills where it runs down the slopes until it settles in lakes and rivers.
I’m used to the Sydney suburban skyline. Medium density housing. No snow caps, that’s for sure.

We spent two nights in Lucerne & Zurich, and drank in the views. I snapped away at the
landscapes while birds flocked overhead, littering my shots with motion and texture.

Simply amazing. The girl at the desk was now standing in Switzerland.

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