September 4, 2020

Newborn photography beyond your first baby - why you should bother!


Newborn photography beyond your first baby - why you should bother!

Well, hello gorgeous little baby Koa!

Koa is the third baby in this gorgeous blended family and Mum and Dad were not missing the chance to capture his fleeting newborn stage!

Folks, it's so important to keep capturing those newbies, whether it's your first or your fifth!

The thing is, we often go all out on the first baby.

They get the new clothes, the unused cot, the brand new toys, and the effort required to book and prepare for newborn photos.

Because, well, one child. You can kind of fathom the idea of getting the three of you ready.

But beyond the first baby, things are a bit tougher. It's still exciting, and the second, third, 11th child (ha!) may even still get some new outfits, but the things considered not crucial to daily functioning and survival are often pushed aside for a little while.

And I am definitely speaking from the perspective of a Mama of two here!

But please don't let one of those things be your new family member's newborn photos.

If your budget allows, the rest can totally be figured out with no fuss, I promise.

I'll come to you, and I don't care about the state of your house, so please don't go crazy cleaning.

Clear an area near a window and make your bed maybe. Even then, I can do those things if you have your hands full!

(If it makes you feel better, I am totally up for sending you photos of my house after it's trashed by my kids. Consider it a professional courtesy!)

When I'm referring to a newborn shoot for a second child, third child, etc, you need to remember it's actually a family session with a few newborn photos in your session.

So when you are considering whether it's necessary, remind yourself that you aren't only capturing the squishy toes of your 10 day old, but also the dimples of your 10 year old.

I'm not just there to capture the sleepy burps of your 2 week old, but the fascination your 2 year old has with their new sibling's bassinet.

And you know what else I'm there to capture?


Look at you go.

Feeding a baby, playing lego, making vegemite sandwiches, SURVIVING!

Trust me when I say you'll look back at these photos and say "Man, it was hard. But I did it and I looked amazing while getting it done."

So while you ponder those concepts, let's all take a minute to awwww over little baby Koa AND his gorgeous siblings. xx